Master Pai Gow Togel SingaporePoker, Fast

Togel Singapore


Following my patented 3-step system, you can learn the basics of Pai Gow Poker in 20 minutes, and become a Pai Gow Black Belt Master in just 2 fun hours. Better still, you won’t spend a penny in the process! Let’s begin.


Step 1


Go to Reef Club Casino. Click on Click to Play Lite Version. Then click on Practice Play. This will take you into the practice casino where you can play Pai Gow Poker for free.


I recommend Reef Club’s practice casino because it’s fast and easy to access, no download is required, no cumbersome registration process is required, and the software provides a built-in training tool (the House Way button) which I will describe below.


Step 2


Start playing the game. The object is to split the 7 cards you are dealt into a 2 card hand and a 5 card hand. To win, both hands must beat the dealer’s hands. Note that your 5 card hand must be higher than your 2 card hand.


Before you set your hand, click the House Way button. The House Way is the system the dealer uses to split his hand. It is hard to improve on the House Way. Once you learn to set your cards the House Way, you have mastered Pai Gow Poker!


Step 3


Now that you’ve learned the basics and are comfortable with the game, read the The Wizard of Odds’ Pai Gow rules and strategies. Here you can refine your game, and the Wizard will answer any lingering questions you may have.


Congratulations, you have mastered Pai Gow Poker. Good luck at the tables.


Two Winners Start 2003 With Over Half A Million!


It’s a day for the record books as two online Togel Singapore gamblers from both sides of the Atlantic win separate jackpots to the tune of more than half a million dollars at InterCasino ( The two players won within hours of each other — one on the popular progressive slot machine Rages to Riches and the other on the massively generous Spice Island Poker.


InterCasino player “Swisi”, playing from the wintered landscape of Switzerland was the bigger mega-jackpot winner taking $298,115.44 out of the Rags to Riches machine; but it was “Gsoto’s” $227,307.64 win in on Spice Island Poker in North America that allowed the whole family to share in the excitement.


The frenzied “Gsoto” shares his ‘ordeal’ in a letter to InterCasino Manager Ryan Hartley …


“Well Ryan, when I first saw the cards I was thinking it was just a regular flush then I paid more attention and could not believe my eyes. I called my wife over and she and I started jumping up and down. My wife was always asking me why I talked so much about the casino. At that time I told her, this is the best casino I have ever played in.


“My kids also came running when they heard my wife and I jumping up and down. I tell you Ryan, I am very glad that as a family we could enjoy this happy occasion together. Thanks for letting me play at your casino it is truly a great place to visit and have a good time. As I told you once before I love to play at your casino.”


Ryan Hartley, who gave away more than $5 million in 2002 commented: “This is a great start to 2003. Having two mega-jackpot winners on the same day is like having a second New Year’s Eve party. Congratulations to both our winners and especially to their loved ones that got to share in the excitement.”


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