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The World Poker Tour is a series of Poker championships held across the world, but, mainly in the United States. The games are mainly that of Texas Hold ‘em pokers but there are other variants as well. The World Poker Tour gained popularity after it was broadcast round the world and began to be televised internationally. The World online usa casinos real money Tour attracts the best of the poker players from across the Untied States and other countries as well.

The rules of participation in the World Poker Tour are fairly simple and the tour is open to any player who can buy-in for an amount that is in the slab of $2,500 to $25,000. The other condition is that the player must win one of the satellite tournaments. The World Poker Tour is a big hit among the players due to the innovativeness of the tournament and the absence of too much technical detail among the games. The fans like it especially well because they can see the cards of the players by means of a small camera that is placed behind the players.

The World Poker Tour is a spin-off from the World Series of Poker but the sponsors of the World Poker Tour are different from that of the World Series of Poker. The series of tournaments that make up the World Poker Tour are spread out across the United States and as mentioned above, the qualification criteria are pretty simple and straightforward. All it takes to participate is to find a buy-in for the amount or win one of the other championships among the games that are held as part of the satellite championships. The World Poker Tour is also recognized for its organizational ability and the fact that it attracts players in the thousands from across the globe and the United States in particular.

The increasing number of women who participate in the World Poker Tour is adding glamour and allure to the tour. The tour is one of the most watched programs on television and it airs on all Mondays on select networks. The participation of the women prompted the tour organizers to start a new and dedicated tour known as the World Poker Tour Ladies. Recently there have been some law suits against the organizers of the World Poker Tour over some procedural issues and the organizers had to go in for an out of the court settlement. The season has its debut in 2002 and went full steam in the subsequent years attracting players in the thousands.

There are many variants of the poker game that can be played and championships hosted for the same. Thus the World Poker Tour too has many different variants of the Poker game and thus the same is not restricted to one particular variety. This makes the number of players who would like to play more and lends itself to adaptation and more variety. The winners take home prizes in the millions of dollars and are expected to take a fair share of the total prize money at stake. As an evolving championship, the World Poker Tour is bound to grow in popularity and the casinos may well make it part of their annual fixtures and lend them to promoting the game. Finally, the success of any poker tournament depends on the players, sponsors and the casinos. Thus, it is imperative that all of them come together for the same and make it a worthwhile experience for everyone involved with the World Poker Tour. Next time you want to go to a casino check if the schedule has the World Poker Tour listed and then register accordingly.

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