SL Fashion Community Socialverse Launches One Voice, a Fundraiser to Help Cover Designer’s RL Legal Fees in IP Rights Dispute


Drop everything, SL fashionistas, because the One Voice fundraiser [click here for the SLurl teleport link] to help cover Gala Phoenix’s legal fees in a copyright dispute with another designer is open and needs your support. Dozens and dozens of designers have contributed items to help Gala raise the funds necessary to defend her IP and her brand, Curio, in court. Hamlet wrote about this situation last week, even quoting my unflinching personal stance on the issue. This event is the perfect opportunity for me, you, and everyone to put our money where our mouth is and support this talented designer at a crucial moment.

The event is running from now until July 22nd, and every participating vendor is set to donate either 50% or 100% of their earnings to Gala Phoenix’s legal costs. If you’d prefer to donate directly, donation kiosks are also set up around the sim, or you can visit Gala’s personal IndieGogo fundraising page (Hat Tip: Vaki Zenovka). But, of course, I’m a total sucker for gorgeous fashion with a great cause behind it. Here are my four favourite finds from this fabulous fundraiser:

Wasabi Pills makes some of my favourite mesh hairstyles, period. They’re flowy, playful, and have some truly vivid colour options, just like Teeloh which you can pick up in this Teal/Chocolate split style, or in a beautifully bubbly Blonde/Pink mix.

I’m also a huge fan of LAQ skins, so this skin named Elena was a must-buy for me. It has wonderfully full lips and fits on my shape similarly to one of my all-time favourite releases from LAQ, Mima, so I’m sure I’ll be rwearing this one for awhile. It comes with a plain and a freckled version, although it doesn’t come with the usual array of makeups that you find in most LAQ bundles. This might have bothered me… if the item wasn’t for charity, and for an event that came together with relatively short notice for the busy participating designers. So regardless, it’s a gorgeous skin at a good price.

Blah’s My Macramé Suit caught my eye immediately, because heaven knows I can’t resist anything made of lace. It’s available in tons of beautiful colours, but I was drawn to the simple, neutral nude version to play off the boldness of my hairstyle.

This event has items spanning just about every segment of content creation in SL, including vehicles, furniture, and poses. dfo! poses by Socialverse Willa Whybrow are always a great find, and this set called Gala is no exception. They always feel relaxed and natural, but with a charming sense of fun and spirit. These poses are wonderfully neutral as well, perfect for bloggers and photographers alike.

Before I bring this post to a close, I have some strong words for the people who don’t believe that this fundraiser should be happening at all…


Some complain that it isn’t their responsibility to support someone who has made a poor financial choice by relying on SL as their primary source of income, some don’t wish to pick sides in this issue, and some simply believe that fundraisers to benefit individuals are tacky. But here’s the thing: This isn’t just an issue of one person needing money. It’s not a broken laptop or a sick dog or anything like that, it’s something that affects every single creator in Second Life just as much as it does Gala herself. If the situation is as it appears, it’s an abuse of the system that sets an incredibly dangerous precedent — unless Gala, and by extension the community, can stand their ground. If you don’t see even an ounce of the merit in that, then I don’t know if you truly belong in this community at all.




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