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How to Save a GIF from Twitter



As we all know that Twitter is a great online news and social networking service where the users interact with each other via posting images, messages, videos called as tweets.

Save GIF from twitter

With all these images, videos and messages there is one more thing known as a GIF which is sky-rocketing in popularity on Twitter nowadays.

A GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) pronounced as ‘jif’ is a bitmap image. So who would not like adorable kitties with their tongues sticking out wishing you Good morning, also on Taco Tuesdays your feed will be stashed with GIFs that are extremely hilarious. After seeing these GIFs you will want to download them and share them with your friends/family or someone special to make them feel delighted, then what you do is look for the save GIF option on the post but unfortunately, there is no option present for saving the GIFs.                                                                                  

In this article, I am going to tell you about ways using which you can save the GIFs to your phone as well as on to your computer. So welcome to our website and let us start.

Download gif from twitter

Saving a Twitter GIF on your Smartphone

To save a twitter GIF on your smartphone, download an app that will let you save it as by default Twitter does not provide you with the feature to save GIFs. Below I am listing a couple of apps, one for Android and another for iOS so that you can download a GIF on both the platforms.


To download GIFs on your Android phone from twitter install an app named Tweet2Gif.

download twitter gif in android

After installation follow the steps that are given below to save the GIF.

  1. Find the tweet that has the gif attached with it
  2. Tap on the tweet.
  3. Then open the options and select Copy link to the tweet.
  4. Open the tweet2gif app and paste the link in it.
  5. After that press download and the GIF will then be easily downloaded.

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In iOS the app to download GIFs is GIFwrapped, so first of all download and install the app and then follow the steps that are provided below.

  1. Find the tweet that has gif attached to it and then tap on it.
  2. Then open the options and select Copy link to the tweet.
  3. Open the GIFwrapped app and paste the link in it.
  4. After that press save to library and the GIF will then be easily downloaded.

Saving a Twitter GIF on your computer

Probably the best way by which you can save a Twitter GIF onto your computer is by downloading the GIF as an MP4 file (video file) followed by converting it into a GIF and this can be accomplished in more than one way.


download gif from twitter in iOS


To save GIFs into your computer via SAVEDEO, follow the instructions that are given below.

  1. Expand the tweet that has GIF attached with it, and copy the URL.
  2. After that open and paste the link in the provided place.
  3. Click download and the GIF will be saved as a mp4 file, then visit a GIF making website and upload the mp4 file and it will be converted into a GIF.


save gif from twitter on iPhone

To save GIFs to your computer via EZGIF, follow the instructions provided below.

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  1. Expand the tweet that has GIF attached with it, and copy the URL.
  2. After that open and paste the link in the provided place.
  3. Paste the URL directly into the EZGIF GIF maker as it directly downloads a GIF rather than a .mp4 file.

These steps should have solved your issue. If it did then comment below so that other users can see it, and if it didn’t then tell us so that we can come back at you asap.

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How To

How to Fix Device Descriptor Request Failed in Windows



Microsoft Windows offers fully-featured operating system, but it also invites errors like Device Descriptor Request Failed. However, the good part is that Windows developers have added functions that identify the problems, and offers solutions. But, in some cases, the default options don’t work at all, so you end up looking for additional solutions.

Here’s where we come in and help you resolve the Device Descriptor Request Failed issue in a few steps. Now, I would like to inform you that Device Descriptor Request Failed is an advanced issue, and there are many contributing factors behind the error, so we have run through many methods.

1. Virtual Machine

I assume that you have connected a USB device, External hard drive, Removable device, or any form of the additional device via USB caused Device Descriptor Request Failed issue.

Run Windows 10 or any edition of Windows in a virtual machine to check if the problem is persisting in your computer or your hardware.

Running Windows OS in a virtual machine requires technical knowledge, and I would recommend you to do it.

  1. You will find out whether the issues are with your device or hardware.
  2. You will also learn about the driver’s corruption.
  3. The worst case scenario that your Windows 10 operating system is becoming a problem.

The method invites lengthy process, hardware requirements, ISO Image OS and technical knowledge.

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2. Corrupted Drivers

Windows is a software that is prone to data corruption and core files corruption. No technology can save software from corruption, and computer drivers are no exception. I have seen many drivers corrupt over the years, and that’s the first thing I check to confirm the problem.

Step 1: Type “device manager” in the Windows 10 search bar and run as administrator the first result.

device descriptor request failed

Step 2: You have to be patient because it takes a few moments to load the drivers in the device manager, and it loads currently installed, drivers.

Device manager

Step 3: Now, you have to look for the drivers that say “unknown devices”, and I don’t have any on my computer because I have fixed them all.

Step 4: You have to uninstall it one by one, in case, if you have multiple “unknown devices” on your computer.

Device descriptor request failed

Step 5: Restart your computer.

Now, you have to connect the device from a different port, and the device will install a clean driver.

3. Power Settings

Windows has power management for the laptops that help the users to save battery life, and the primary purpose of the power management to keep the laptop last longer. But, many people don’t know how it works, and it ends up affecting your computer.

The power management utilises the priority settings like Low, Medium, High, and it limits the device usage. The limitation impacts your device performance, and it even shuts down the high-usage devices.

Step 1: Type “power plan” in the search bar of any Windows OS, and click on the “edit power plan” first result.

Device description request failed

Step 2: The control panel window appears, and you have to click on the “change advanced power settings.”

device descriptor request failed

Step 3: A small window within the window appears, and you have scroll down to find “USB settings.”

device description failed

Step 4: Click + button to drop down the options, and you have two options battery & plugged in.

device description request failed

Step 5: Click on them to disable the functions.

Disable the function

Step 6: Yes, you have to disable the USB monitoring battery & plugged in. Then click on the “Apply,” and “okay.”

device description Failed

The power management tool no longer monitors the USB ports and devices connected via USB ports. In case, if this doesn’t work for you, then follow the next solution.

4. Windows Update or Manual Update

I had this Image in my mind that Windows update is an unnecessary tool, and the Microsoft proved me wrong after I started to fix the computer related issues. In the second solution, I have shown you uninstall the bad drivers, right?

The next solution helps you to fix them via Microsoft Windows Update. Allow me to show you how it works on the latest edition of the Windows 10.

Step 1: Go to settings, and click on the “Windows update.”

Update the window

Step 2: Now, click on the Windows update, and click on the download to begin downloading the updates.

Windows Update

Step 3: Go to the device manager, and you can update it manually by selecting the CD/DVD and right-click to the update it.

Update driver

Step 4: You can let the Windows to look for it on your computer and Microsoft servers.

Update drivers

Step 5: In case, if the computer couldn’t find it in the core files, then you can search for it in the Windows update.

device description request failed

The update service has worked for me plenty of time, and it has installed every unknown driver on my PC.

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5. Windows Troubleshoot

The Microsoft has added troubleshoot feature to the latest edition of the OS, and you can use it to identify the problems with the hardware and software. The Windows troubleshoot feature scans your hardware and supporting software, and it verifies whether it is working normally or not.

The interesting part of this feature is that it scans removable devices as well, so make sure to connect your device to the laptop or computer because it will scan the device and software.

The troubleshoot feature will examine the device, and then offer you solutions to fix it.

Step 1: Type “troubleshooter” and click on the first result.

Step 2: The troubleshooter tool takes you to the settings, and you have plenty of the options in the tool.

device description request failed

Step 3: I assume that you have issues with the removable device & software including drivers. Scroll down until you find “hardware and devices,” and it will identify the issue, then provide you solutions.

Hardwre and devices

Step 4: Now, click on the setting, then click on the “run the troubleshooter.”

Run the trouble shooter

Step 5: The tool begins to scan the computer, and it will take a few moments to a few minutes to complete the process.

Detecting problems

Step 6: It took two minutes to complete the process, and as you can see that the Windows is suggesting me to restart the computer to fix the problems.

restart your pc to finish installing drivers and updates

I have told you that Windows update fixes the issues because Microsoft servers have all the files that we need to run the computers smoothly.


In many cases, the problem does not solve, and I recommend you to move forward and reach out the manufacturer or call Toll free number 1800-102-1100 for assistance. Let us know what do you think about the solutions in the comment section below.

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How To

How to Remove Chromium Malware From PC



Chromium - 6

Google Chrome is one of the popular browsers in the world, and they have allowed the world to use the resources and codes to build their own web browsers. It isn’t something new for the big time player because they have also allowed the Android OS to become open-source, so anyone can improve it, and that’s how we have Android emulators.

Chromium developed from Google Chrome open-source project, and I don’t have any out that it works like the latest browser. However, there’s more to the Chromium browser because it does more than providing an improved version of the browser.

Chromium browser is a Malware and the world has recognized it as potential Malware.

How To Remove Chromium browser from Windows?

Even though it is a malware, but it developed on the simple principle, and the original developers did not improvise it, so they can avoid detection or false positive malware. Allow us to show you how you can remove the Chromium browser from your Windows 10 machine.

I have detected it on my Windows version many times, then remove it immediately and the method works on any version of Chromium, and it works on any Windows OS.

Step 1: Open the task manager, and you will find the Chromium browser running in the background even after you have closed it.

remove chromium

Step 2: Now, you have to select it, and right-click the mouse to “open file location.”

remove chromium from computer

Step 3: The explorer.exe and the whole folder is the destination folder that consists of the core installation files.

Chromium folder

Step 4: You have to select it, and right-click the mouse to “end task” every single Chromium.exe file in the task manager. You have to do it a little faster without stopping a second because it has the ability to regenerate or re-open the exe file immediately.

Remove chromium

Step 5: You have to make sure that there is no trace of the browser in the task manager.

remove chrmium from PC

Step 6: Now, go back to the destination folder, and drag & drop the chromium.exe into the recycle bin. Yes, you have to do it because it is a launcher, and the browser won’t load or start without a launcher, so we can eliminate the rest of the files slowly.

Remove chromium

Step 7: Now, you have to CTRL + A to select all files, and send them to recycle bin.

Remove chromium Folder From Computer

Step 8: Now, click on back, and you will find “data & explorer” folder, and you have to send them to the recycle bin. If you get any warning message or confirmation notification, then click on “YES.” Don’t worry, “data & explorer” folder are Chromium browser files, and deleting them won’t affect your computer.

unwanted chromium Files

Step 9: Go back again, and you will find “game bot” folder in the local explorer, and it is a malware folder as well with hidden files in it, so you have to send it to the recycle bin as well.

Chromium remove

The folder names might be different, but you have to delete them until you are in your computer name > AppData > Local, and this is where core programs files exist.

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What is Chromium Browser Malware?

I think, everyone should learn about it, so they can avoid making the same mistake again, and I would reveal the truth about this malware.

  1. Chromium is a Google’s project, and it isn’t malware at all. Google launched it in 2010, so everyone can take advantage of the research and build something great out of it. But, there are good and bad people in the world. The bad people used the reputation of the Google’s Chromium open-source project. Google stands for trust, and that’s the advantage bad developers took it from the reputation.
  2. The developers with evil intent masked the Malware in the Chromium browser, and they planted Malware and Adware that no one can detect it, and even Antivirus programs have issues dealing with it.
  3. The browser developed to impact your computer performance, so they can advertise you “PC fix” programs that comes with a price. Yes, they run advertisements that solely based on selling you something.
  4. I have mentioned above that they feed you advertisements within the browser, and they either get the commission for each sale, or they get paid for displaying the advertisements.
  5. It consumes a lot of RAM and Processor speed, and you can check it in the task manager, and closing them won’t help at all. Because, then the launcher will immediately start after a few minutes, and it’s designed to do repeat it.

Computer performance

6. The original developers have connections that help them make money by stealing your personal information like Name, Age, Gender, Email address, Credit card details, and god knows what they collect and do with it.

7. They also plant other malware’s like if someone from their community pays them a few bucks, then they will gladly plant malware when you connect the computer to the Internet.

Removing is the best option, and we have already shown you how to do it without any issues.

How Chromium Malware Enters in the Computer?

It is a shocking truth on how they get inside of your computer without your consent.

First of all, this malware masked program is a legit browser that does not get detected easily. The developers have designed it like any other program, but they removed the uninstall button, and it’s legal.

The second thing that you need to know that they don’t enter your computer by a suspicious email, or virus infected USB drive, or external hard disk. Yes, no one can Install a legit program suspiciously and without your consent.

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So, how it enters your computer?

I have found it, and it was really shocking to me as well after I discovered the source of it.

1: Chromium developers have a lot of money. Yes, they’ve got plenty to spend on advertisements.

2: They approach freeware software like CCleaner, PC Fix programs, Power ISO, and other free tools.

3: These freeware companies need money to operate the software company.

4: The evil developers pay them tons of money to Install these add-ons along with original software.

I have found Power ISO forced Installed it on my computer even after I have deselected it.

Power ISO installed ByteFence and Chromium by force. Yes, they get Installed while you are trying to use the free software’s and be careful when you try these so-called free software.


Never download or even try any version of Chromium on the Internet, and use Immunet free Antivirus program, and Malwarebytes free version to protect your PC. Let us know what do you think about Chromium malware in the comment section below.


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How To

How to use Snapchat on windows pc or laptop



Snapchat is one of the popular social media platforms in the world. The United Kingdom Vodafone has revealed that 72% of the upload data comes from Snapchat. The CEO of Snapchat has revealed that they have a 100 million active users on the platform, and 67% of the users publish content on the platform.

The official version of the Snapchat developed for the Android, and iOS devices. However, they did not design it for the computers because the advertising platform is marketing the smartphone platform. You cannot expect the Snapchat to add desktop version because the brand revenue comes from smartphone advertisement reach.

So how to play Snapchat on Windows and Mac computers?

Allow us to show you how you can begin to use the Snapchat on your desktop without worrying about the compatibility.

1. Snapchat Blocked It

The company is focusing on improving the services and features, and they are focusing a lot on the marketing, media company, and improving the existing features. They are very strict when it comes to using the application on the allowed devices. You can use Snapchat on the Android and iOS device, but they don’t allow the users to use it on the desktop using the Android emulator.

Ever since the Company stock market has gotten down, they have become even more strict.

Yes, you read it right, the founders have decided to block anyone from accessing Snapchat from Android emulator.

However, I have found a way that enables you to use Snapchat on Windows OS and Mac OS X without any issues, but you have to follow every step without skipping any of it.


It’s time to fill in a few requirements to make this method work on your PC.

  1. You need a PC or laptop that supports Intel virtualization technology and AMD Hyper-V, and you can use the tools check the compatibility. One more thing that vvirtualizationtechnology is disabled in BIOS so turns it on.
  2. You need at least 2GB RAM, and above is preferred.
  3. Make sure your processor supports multi-tasking because many processors clocked at 1.6GHz Dual-core is not capable enough to run emulators smoothly.
  4. You need an Android emulator, and I suggest you download Nox App Player because it is the only an emulator that supports Snapchat edition, and I will show you how you can make it work. But, keep in mind that Bluestacks is not going to help in this case.

Fortunately, you can download Nox App Player for Mac OSX computers, and also download the Snapchat APK from a third-party site.

Note: No other emulators and editions won’t work because the Snapchat has blocked them, and they have advanced detectors to recognise the latest editions, so you better avoid it. The solution is to download the Nox App Player version from the FileHippo, and APK file from the third-party site.

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2. Installation Process

It’s time to show you how to access the yellow brand on Windows OS and Mac OSX machines.

Step 1: I am assuming that you have downloaded APK file and Nox App Player and Installed it on your machines. In case, if you are using Mac, then you can Google “Nox App Player version” and download it.

But, we will show you step-by-step.

First, download the Nox App Player from the Filehippo, and it is a safe site.

Snapchat for pc

Second, download the Snapchat from a third-party site, and we cannot guarantee your safety and these files may and may not contain the virus.

Snapchat for computer

After the download finished, then click on the set-up to begin the process. Check the “terms and conditions” agreement, and click on Install.

Snapchat for pc

Step 2: The Installation will begin, and the program will extract the files, and Installs the Android emulator.

Snapchat sign up

Step 3: It takes one minute or five minutes to complete the process, and the Installation duration depends on your laptop or computer hardware. Click on “start” to launch Nox emulator to proceed to the next step.

Pc snapchat

Step 4: Take a good at the emulator, and you have the main features & functions on the right side of the emulator.

Snapchat for personal computer

Step 5: Now, you have to drag & drop the APK file into the Nox App Player, and it will Install the files automatically without displaying status. You have to click on the Install button when the Windows 10 will prompt you at the right bottom in the notifications. Do not panic because the emulator is installing the files in the background, and you won’t find a status bar to monitor.

snapchat for pc

Step 6: The Nox App Player takes around one minute to finish the main process, and the Snapchat icon will appear on the dashboard.

pc snapchat

Step 7: Click on the icon to launch the application, and you can start using it without any issues.

Snapchat icon

Remember, we are using December 16, 2017 edition so that you might miss out the latest features or the interface, but you have no other choice except adjusting.

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Is This Method Safe?

Currently, the privacy is a major crisis in many countries, and Europe took a major step to maintain the privacy of the citizens. Is your privacy secure when you use methods like these?

It’s a valid question. One wrong photo, comments, or status on social media can get you fired from the job, and it can even cost you a Police case, and it is evident. I think everyone has the right to know about it because what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet permanently.

  1. Nox App Player used by millions and they don’t seem to pose a problem. But, it uses your Google account for apps, so make sure to use an alternative account that you won’t use in present and future.
  2. The APK files may contain harmful files, and it can even leak your credentials as well. We cannot guarantee your safety because APK files one may source of contamination.

But I have tested the file for virus & malware using VirusTotal, and it has given a green signal to the file.

Snapchat for pc

Red signal stands for the virus, and green signal stands for the clean file.


Let us know what do you think about the methods we have shown you in the comment section below. In case, if you have any issues with the process, then we can guide through it, so let us know in the comment section.

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