Loyal Jackpot Madness Players Win Huge Multiple Jackpots: Over $73,000,000 Awarded in Total


Curacao, September 1, 2002 – What do an Investment Advisor, a Real Estate Agent, a Legal Secretary and a Financial Consultant have in common? They are part of the growing group of loyal Jackpot Madness fans who have returned to win big progressive jackpots more than once. Just these four winners alone have won over $1,079,000!

Multiple winners are becoming more and more common in the Jackpot Madness network: an amazing 24% of the portal’s 2,500 winners have won previously, returning to triumph on the 11 popular Jackpot Madness progressives again and again. Faithful enthusiasts return to the Jackpot Madness (www.jackpotmadness.com) network casinos, which form the Internet’s largest gaming portal, to get their piece of the more than $73,000,000 the portal has given away since launching two years ago.


Financial Consultant Bradley S finds that his strategy of roobetcasino.co changing games frequently is a winning combination. He has won a grand total of $815,344.99 on 4 different games, and as the latest big winner on the new Major Millions slot, he recently took home $739,794.33 in CASH! “I won Major Millions on my birthday! What a nice gift. This is truly a life-changing opportunity and I hope many others can share the success I have had on the progressive games so far. Now my next goal is to ‘conquer’ Treasure Nile.”


After hitting his second jackpot for a total of $101,804, Investment Advisor John C. enthused, “I like old sayings like ‘third time is the charm’ so you know I’ll be hunting that third jackpot down. You folks are the most professional of all casino organizations I have ever seen: fair play, fast payouts, free promotions and all from the comfort of my home at my convenience.”


Newlywed Real Estate Agent Christina V. tells us that winning 2 jackpots totaling $88,052 is the perfect start to a great marriage: ” We were able to make a down payment on a house, and my husband has had his eye on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and I wanted a swimming pool for the back yard. The rest will go to savings. My husband and I are off to such a great start thanks to my 2 wins on the Jackpot Madness progressive slots!”


$73,929 winner Legal Secretary Shannon H. decided not to tell her husband directly about her second progressive win of $55,703. “I haven’t told anyone yet. I’ll ‘tell’ my husband when I hand him over our mortgage satisfaction! ” What else will she do with all that cash? “Pay off the last of my bills so I can take my kids on vacations and enjoy life instead of stressing over everything.”


Bradley, John, Shannon and Christina, are just a small sample of the many winners who have gone back to win more than once, and who are determined to win yet again. In the words of big-time winner John: “People say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But I feel like you can. When you are a part of the Jackpot Madness network you know you’re in safe hands! ”


About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $80,000,000 and counting.



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