If you want to view and edit PSD Files online, without bearing the expense of Adobe Photoshop or installing any other program, then let me enlighten you that there is a way using which this can be accomplished. Now a PSD file is basically a file format for Adobe Photoshop, that is any file with .PSD Extension is an Adobe Photoshop file. This format is only designed to work with Adobes’s Photoshop but there are a few other ways using which you can edit your pictures as well.

The PSD format is designed in such a way that the quality of the pictures do not get depleted no matter how much editing is done. This format is not usable in most of the programs and hence the file is usually converted to JPEG or other formats.

Some of the PSD Files contain a single image, however a PSD file can store a lot more than a picture file that include multiple pictures, objects, filters, text and a lot more things. So basically like a PDF document carries a lot of data and options for text, similarly a PSD file carries a lot of data and options for images.


I am now going to tell you about the couple of resources that I found using which you can view and edit PSD files online. Both of these are viable resources.

Note: Although you can view and edit your PSD files, but let me tell you beforehand that these resources can only work for minor changes. That means that if you are a professional photo editor then this might not be the thing that you are looking for.


Photopea is a great way using which you can easily view and edit your Adobe Photoshop PSD files on the internet. The website has photo editing tools built in the webpage, so all you need to do is just upload your picture and then edit with the various tools that are present. Also after the editing is done, you can export either a PSD file or you can convert and export the image in your desired format.

  • The website has a simple and clean user interface, thus it is quite easy to use.
  • There are various effects that you can use to edit your images.
  • A lot of keyboard shortcuts are present.
  • Filters, layer tools, brushes and other common features are also present in the webpage editor.The only downside that Photopea has is that you will be limited to certain text fonts and tools. Thus if you are looking for something unique then you probably won’t be able to find it here.

    However the website does a good job of imitating Photoshop so that the user feels comfortable. but to conclude it is not as powerful as Photoshop is. But for light and basic editing you can use Photopea.


    iPiccy is also another amazing resource to edit PSD files online. Similar to Photopea, you have to upload a picture and then you can edit it using various editing tools present. Its user interface however is something new and does not imitate Adobe Photoshop, so this would be a completely fresh way to edit your PSD files. After the editing is done, you can export either a PSD file or you can convert and export the image in your desired format.

    • The user interface of iPiccy is very easy to use and understand. You will be able to edit the pictures easily.
    • Number of tools for an online PSD editor is amazing, hence you can say that the webpage editor is very versatile.
    • You have basic features to adjust sharpening, hue, saturation etc.
    • Also a different section is present for portraits using which you can add tan, fix red-eye, add mascara and many more tweaks can be performed.I personally find iPiccy’s user interface easy to use as compared to Photopea and Photoshop but this is a personal perspective and it can differ from person to person. The downside of iPiccy is also similar to Photopea and that is that while it has a number of editing tools, it still cannot provide the uniqueness that you can get out of Photoshop.

      However for basic and light editing, you can use iPiccy. I recommend it.


      This is it. These two are probably the best PSD editing resources that you can find online. If you find this article informative then comment below and share this article with your friends who do basic editing as these will surely impress them. Visit TechFries for more information.


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