Undoubtedly, one of the toughest tournaments online on a daily basis is the $100 rebuys. They are almost always filled with the best and brightest in the online tournament circuit. This was no different when Event #7 of FTOPS VIII went down just a few days ago, which was a $100 rebuy with a $500k guarantee.

1,811 players showed up, all vying  꽁머for a six-figure pay day. Some tough customers fell short of this final table, including Exitonly in 27th, fkscreennames in 16th, and Jcarver in 10th. Erick Lindgren had the best showing of any of the Full Tilt Pros, coming in 13th, and showing why he is a Full Tilt Pro.

Despite all of these players falling short of the final table, it was still a table filled with players who definitely belonged there. Eisenhower1 is a tough European online pro who has had good results on Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker, and ibleedbenjamins consistently does well in the FTOPS series. This set the stage for an interesting final table.

Here were the stacks going into the final table:

  1. jornx: 1,544,477
  2. butter435: 1,551,698
  3. jarou: 1,397,380
  4. ibleedbenjamins: 1,316,180
  5. Sebop: 1,025,526
  6. MB16021972: 903,860
  7. eisenhower1: 606,158
  8. Ipchil: 222,248
  9. Colonel Mustard: 207,473

And here’s what they were playing for:

  1. $102,249.50
  2. $63,007.80.
  3. $41,452.50
  4. $33,162
  5. $25,424.20
  6. $18,239.10
  7. $13,264.80
  8. $10,335.49
  9. $7,958.88

With the blinds at 17k/34k with a 4k ante, ibleedbenjamins opened up to 78k in late position. It folded to Ipchil in the big blind, who had just 222k behind. He shoved all in over top of ibleedbenjamins’s raise, and ibleedbenjamins made the pot stuck call with 98 of diamonds. He wasn’t too far behind Ipchil’s AJ. The flop was gin for benjamins, as it came with two nines. No amazing luck came for Ipchil, and he left in 9th place, for $7,958.88.

The final table’s next elimination came with the blinds up to 20k/40k with a 5k ante, as eisenhower1 moved all in under the gun with nearly 450k. It folded to Sebop in the cutoff, who had just over 1 million. He went all in over the top, isolating eisenhower1. Everyone else folded, and eisenhower1 showed KQ offsuit, while Sebop showed an absolutely dominating KK. The flop came J9x, giving eisenhower1 a gutshot straight draw, but he wasn’t able to draw out on Sebop, and he exited in 8th place, earning $10,335.49.

The blinds continued their brutal ascent, as they were up to 25k/50k with a 6k ante, as play continued seven-handed. Jarou got it in with his 10 big blind stack against MB, who had not much more. Jarou was well ahead with AQ, against MB’s A9. The flop came down JJK, keeping Jarou in the lead. However, the turn was a heartbreaker nine, vaulting MB into the lead. Jarou wasn’t able to catch up on the river, and he was ousted in 7th place, for $13,264.80.

The next elimination came during 40k/80k with a 10k ante. It folded to Colonel Mustard on the button, who pushed all in with 710k. It folded to Sebop in the big blind, who had only about 1 million to start the hand. Sebop made the good call with A6 offsuit, which was ahead of Mustard’s 45 of spades. The flop came down 278, which gave Mustard hope. However, running 9s weren’t what he was looking for. He busted out in 6th place, taking away $18,239.10.

MB got it in with his 4 big blind stack, during 50k/100k with a 10k ante. Sebop moved all in after him, with 14 big blinds. Everyone else folded, and we were off to the races, with Sebop holding 88, and MB holding AJ. MB wasn’t able to hit any of his six outs, and he departed in 5th place, for $25,424.20.

With the blinds still at 50k/100k, one of the biggest hands of the tournament occurred. It folded to butter435 in the small blind, who opened to 300k, with 1.4 million behind. Ibleedbenjamins called the extra 200k from the big blind, with 2.5 million behind. The flop came down 459 with two spades, which prompted butter435 to check, and ibleedbenjamins to bet only 150k. Butter435 called, and we were off to the turn. The turn spit out another 9, which lead butter435 to bet 700k. Much to his surprise, ibleedbenjamins moved all in over the top. After a long think, butter435 called with A4 of diamonds. Unfortunately for him, he was drawing dead vs. ibleedbenjamins’ s T9 offsuit. After a great showing, butter435 bowed out in 4th place, leaving with $33,162.

Ibleedbenjamins, once the commanding chip leader, found himself down to 300k, with the blinds up to 60k/120k with a 15k ante. It folded to him in the small blind, and he pushed it all in with 64 off suit. Unfortunately for him, Sebop instacalled with AK of spades. Sebop flopped an ace, which put ibleedbenjamins up against it. Ibleed wasn’t able to get lucky, and he busted in 3rd place, for $41,452.50.

The blinds were up to 80k/160k with a 20k ante, and Sebop’s stack had whittled down to nearly nothing, down to 320k, up against jornx’s over 8 million stack. Sebop moved all in with K9, which dominated jornx’s K3. However, jornx spiked a 3 on the turn, and Sebop was busted out in 2nd place, for $63,007.80.

Jornx came in as the chip leader, and left as the winner, with $102,249.50.

Congratulations to jornx, and congratulations to everyone who cashed in the event!

Keep posted to FTR Blogs in the coming days, as we continue to cover FTOPS VIII.

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