Friday-Sunday slot 428


Man I am tired. I have been in the poker room way too much. One thing it has allowed me to see is that I may be the least hardest working mid limit pro at the Bellagio. The people I usually play with are routinely playing until the morning hours while I usually bounce out at around midnight most nights. The only reason I know this is b/c I have been waking up at about 7pm lately and not leaving until morning.

Well I broke my Friday losing streak, kind of. I netted seven bucks. I played good and should have done better but a couple of crucial slot 428 cost me. I switched to a table and literally didn’t play a hand for a half an hour. I raised once from the button and showed AQ when the blinds folded. The next hand I played I raised 77 and was cold called by a lady on the button. I flopped a set but her 68s was to much for me to handle when she made a straight. That one cost me a little bit.

Saturday I didn’t even leave the house. I played about an hour in the evening on Stars and made 278 dollars. later I played again and went down as much as 400 dollars playing short handed but came back to break even.

Sunday we headed to the Bellagio again and I played a little 15-30. I posted in late postion and folded to a raise. The very next hand UTG raised to 30 and only had 20 behind. I had 55 and decided to reraise him and run em. Well the small blind cold called to ruin my plans and the UTg reraised his last 5 and seen the flop 3 way with one player all in. The flop was J52 and I was check raised by the small blind and I called. I raised him on the turn and he 3 bet me and I 4 bet as I looked at the all in guy and said, “I don’t think its looking good for you”. He called and check called me on the river mucking his kings face up. I got really lucky that the original raiser only had a few chips b/c otherwise I most likely would have just folded the hand.

Not to much else interesting happened and I quit early to sweat Druff in his 200-400 game and then go to dinner at 4 in the morning.

Mid Week Update

Man, playing strictly live brings out some major swings. Thank god for Stars. Anyways I really didn’t play much Monday except for seom drunken 4-8. Started off bad and went up 200 somethng at one point and then went straight down to -250 and called it quits.

Tuesday was a long day of playing, way longer than I am used to. The morning session was at the Wynn at about 6 in the evening. I played a little 15-30 and quit up $390. I really dislike there must move tables they got going over there. Anyways after that me, Macon, and Poolshark headed to the Mirage b/c Macon was wanting to play 10/20. We get there and Macon and Poolshark got a seat immediately. I was on the list. I was going to play 20/40, but they have a must move on that game so if I wanted to play I would have had to play short for awhile before getting into the full game. Instead I ended up playing 10/20. I an additional 395 in tat game before leaving. After that me and Macon headed to the Bellagio. I dont really remember anything except I finished the day up $940.

Wed was a hell of a day. Holy shit was I running bad. The first hand I played I got AA snapped off by the button calling 2 cold with 52 s00ted. Second time I got AA I got beaten by QJ, queen on the flop and a queen on the river. Anyways before I knew it I was down $1300. The game was really good and I felt I should continue playing. I bought back in for another G and went down as much as $2000 before I started my comeback. I got position on a very loose aggressive player and started 3 betting the shit out of him. I wasn’t on a rush or anything but pretty much laddering my way back up. I would win 200, lose 150, win 200, lose 150, and thus starting a pattern. I got to 700 down and I was pretty happy. I was up tlking to Poolshark and most likely was going to quit when this steamer I know got into the game and I thought I should sit back in. Well I dropped like 400 right away and then the steamer and the number 1 donk both left. I was mad I sat back down but kept on playing. We were 4 handed with only 1 bad player in the game but I just kept ramming and jamming my way back until I booked a $500 loss on the day, which I was very happy about.

Thursday UGA came over to the pad and after a little finaincal transaction that made me an official Poker Stars baller (until I cash out anyways) and then we headed out to the Bellagio. I decided to get my feet wet in the 30/60 game for the first time. I decided to only play for a little while no matter what the results. Well I started out down after getting 99 snapped off on the river Ace, but then things worked out how they are supposed to and I booked a $960 win and headed back to the 15-30 tables.

The 15 game was brutal to me. I went down quick and despite a few attempts at a comback my fate was sealed by a sign from god. Tonight I recieved my first ever actual bad beat. I held AA and the flop was A89 diamonds. Turn was a Jack, and the river was a Jack. The other guy held JJ and a bunch of bets went in on every street. I called and said I dont like my hand anymore and showed and the old dude had the nerves to mini slow roll me. Despite that massive beat I kept my composure very well, which I guess I should be proud of. i talked to Druff and Uga for a bit and then headed home for some Stars action, winning $211.

EDIT: Anyways I went back to the Bellagio and plated from about 4 in the morning until about 11AM. I went down right away but won a big pot and ended up +675.

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