Cybergambling Tip: The Downside of Situs Judi Bola Bonus Abuse


Lots of people think they can make a quick $50 or $100 bucks when they play a new casino. Just sign up, get the bonus, make a few bets and cash out with most of your bonus money in hand, right? Well, yes, it can be done, but it’s not as brilliant a plan as it initially appears to be.

The first thing you’d do, naturally, is take a trip to the site’s policies page and see whether they cover their butts by putting restrictions on signup bonuses (such as requiring that you bet a certain amount of money before you can withdraw bonus money). Believe it or not, many sites don’t outline strict rules of this nature.

With that in mind, it would be easy to deposit $50, collect a bonus $50, make two $5 bets and walk with at least $90. Then, if the operators of the site complain that you’re taking advantage of them, you can just point out that there are no rules prohibiting you from doing this.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Many of the online casinos and sportsbooks out there could easily tell you to take a hike with no higher authority to intervene. And many have done just that. This has happened, in part, because of an influx of wide-scale bonus abuse.

In some cases, bonus abusers have registered dozens of accounts apiece and tried to close out each account without giving the sites a chance to win back the bonus money. Because many of these sites don’t have bonus-abuse policies in place and they don’t want to take the huge hit, they often respond by refusing to pay out.

And in the process of closing down all Togel accounts that look suspicious, it’s quite easy for site operators to group a few innocent (or at least relatively harmless) players in with the wide-scale bonus abusers. It’s certainly not the best way to handle the situation, but it happens.

You might also figure, “Hey, it’s worth a shot. If they give me the boot, so be it.” But keep in mind that site operators, who don’t take too kindly to players who try to steal money from them, can also reserve the right to completely freeze your account. That means you lose access to the money in your account. And in many cases, no one can stop them.

The bottom line: If you try to take advantage of casino and sportsbook operators, don’t be surprised if they come out swinging. And they might not fight fair.

Deciding Where to Play: Vegas or Online?

“No one will know – or even care – if you’re wearing your pajamas when you play online.”

Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, and since that time, the state has been a popular destination for gamblers and thrill-seekers alike. But even with its star-studded shows, rooftop roller coasters, and all-you-can-eat buffets, can Las Vegas casinos still compete with its online counterparts?

There are lots of perks that make online casinos unique, just as there are things that make Vegas special. So check out the list below before you decide to walk over to your computer – or hop on a plane.

  • Las Vegas has Siegfried and Roy. Throw in a couple of white tigers and lions and you’ve got one heck of a show! You won’t find anything like it in any online casino, but then again, you don’t have to worry about getting mauled.
  • There’s no dress code when you play online. You won’t be allowed in certain casinos if you dress like a slob. But no one will know – or even care – if you’re wearing your pajamas when you play online. Just remember to wear your lucky shirt, no matter where you are.
  • Vegas has volcanoes, Egyptian pyramids, Venetian gondolas and canals … all within a few blocks of one another. Online casinos may not have all the glitz and glamour that is Las Vegas, but you can still find things like, the Official Elvis Presley Web site, on the Net. (Watch out for the audio when you launch that one.)
  • Big name headliners – both online and Vegas. Madonna will be live in concert at the MGM Grand Hotel Casino, but she first previewed her newest material to millions of fans via Web cast.
  • Live drag queens – definitely a Vegas thing. Frank “The Queen of Las Vegas” Marino and his ‘La Cage’ show is fabulous stuff. But you could try this at home (and impress your friends). Or not.
  • Providing your own background music is an online thing. Vegas may have KC and The Sunshine Band, but it also has really bad lounge singers. Download MP3s and choose your own background music.
  • Karaoke is usually a Vegas thing. Karaoke is either really good or really bad, depending on whether you sound like Julie Andrews. And remember, it isn’t karaoke if you’re singing in the shower.
  • Crowded games tables and noisy casinos are a Vegas thing. Some people like the lights, the bells and whistles, and the energy in Vegas, but it drives others crazy. Pick any popular online casino and you’ll be guaranteed a seat at any table, without all the distractions.
  • Free drinks, food and other comps are a Vegas perk. Many online casinos also offer free money or sign-up bonuses, weekly giveaways, and of course – free games. But it’s just not the same as a cocktail with a little pink umbrella, served in a pineapple.


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