Casino slot onlain Gambling is Rigged

Scheme netted $3.3 million (U.S.) from the American casinos:

Fifteen people have been arrested in a major casino scam that netted more than $2 million from cheating at baccarat in Ontario.

Among those arrested were several employees of slot onlain Rama near Orillia.

It’s alleged that casino dealers were recruited to predetermine the outcome of card games, but police wouldn’t reveal details of how the scam was carried out….

Are you a sports betting shark?

I know a lot of you people do a bit of sports betting. I’d link to a couple of you people who have dropped a few bucks in Vegas recently if this wasn’t a sponsored post for a sports handicapping website called

Services that make sports picks for bettors give the bettor the advantage of analysis by someone that follows everything there is about that sport. Oh, it can be fun to make your own picks based on the color of the teams’ uniforms or who has the better fight song, but if you’re serious about your sports betting it helps to have some thoughtful analysis on which to base your decisions. I typically think about sports betting around football time, unless I see that some golf matchups that look like Mickelson will get his butt kicked. But, frankly, I suck when it comes to making football picks.

However, if you want to lay some bets during the non-football season, Shark Handicapping also provides clients with sports picks for every major sport. They have NCAA football and basketball, MLB, and NBA picks. In fact, today’s Free Pick is the Cleveland-Detroit game.

A prize for tomorrow’s Mookie Bubble-Boy

I’ve received a couple copies of Anthony Holden’s “Bigger Game”, the sequel to his poker classic “Big Game”, and for which I’ll be doing a book review (Here’s a preview: It’s good). The extra copies were to give away as a promotion, so I’d like to offer the first copy to whomever is the bubble-boy/girl in tomorrow’s Mookie.

I am Bucklox??

I saw a bunch of traffic from yesterday. I checked it out and found someone in their forums had linked up to my blog in the mistaken belief I AM BUCKLOX!

(That’s what happens when you rank #1 on Google for the search term “Bucklox”. Think I can work “Bucklox” into this post a few more times?)

Funny. But, yeah, I suck that bad, too. Then, someone read a bit further through my archives and posted that I am a “real” player.

Nope, I play with fake money, folks.

And, yes guys, I think it’s a put-on. Seems pretty obvious.

Thanks for coming by, though! Hope you stick around. 🙂

Now, I can just see a repeat of the “I am Poker Champ” meme…

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