Best Apps For Photo Editing iPhone and Android

Looking for the best apps for photo editing on your smartphones? There is no shortage of photo editing apps on the Google play store and Apple app store. You can find a lot of apps for your Android, iOS but it is important to select the best out of many. Check for the best photo editing apps in this article without wasting your time in searching for different sites for photo editing apps.

Generally, in the past days, we use the digital camera to capture the best picture and we use the desktops to edit the image, apply filters, adjust colors, or remove unwanted objects, etc. But nowadays we can do all these things with a single device i.e, smartphone. You can click the professional picture with the high-end cameras and edit them with the best photo editing apps on your smartphones.

Best Apps For Photo Editing

Use the best photo editing apps and create the original photos for social media, posters or mockups as you want. You can use these editing apps from anywhere and at any time. Out of many advanced photo editing apps, we have filtered them and giving you the list of the best apps with the interesting features for your android and ios.

5 Best Apps For Photo Editing

A picture is worth of thousand words. It speaks a lot, almost 32 percent of present marketers use the visual images as the most important content for their business. Here are the top 5 photo editing apps for your smartphones.

  1. Snapseed
  2. VSCO
  3.  Adobe Photoshop Express
  4. Pixelmator
  5. Enlight Photofox


Snapseed is a Google product with a pack of professional photo editing tools. Snapseed is a classic photo editing application with a huge range of features and intuitive interface. You can download Snapseed on your smartphone for free. It has pre-set filters like turning, cropping, straightening and adding text, as well as 29 filters. Even the beginners can easily use the Snapseed interface without having any knowledge about it.

Best Apps For Photo Editing

With the features of Snapseed, you can get the professional look to your photos. You edit your as many times as you want and save the original as well as edited picture. The size of the app varies with the device but it requires less storage space. You can share your edited images to your friends and also on all social media sites. This app will help you to build up your career as a professional photographer.


Like Snapseed VSCO is one of the best photo editing app that is specially designed for iPhone. You can add a professional look to the old picture with the wide range of the filters available at VSCO. You can engage with a diverse group of creators at VSCO built-in community. You can explore your content to the world and also with VSCO’s community.

Best Photo Editing App

VSCO is a free photo editing app with a set of stunning filters. These soft and subtle filters adds a classic look to your image. With the standard editing tools, like adjustments, cropping, borders, vignettes, etc you can adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature, or skin tones.

 Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is available for both Android and iOS.  It gives you a simple solution for capturing, editing, and sharing your photos. With a user friendly interface, Adobe Photoshop Express can be used by both the professional as well as beginners. This app gives the best platform for the beginners to build up their career as a professional photographer.

Apps For Photo Editing

It has a set of pre-defined tools like cropping, red-eye correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, borders, etc.  Adobe Photoshop Express filters automatically correct common issues, such as the color temperature and exposure. sign up for a free Adobe ID account to use the Adobe Photoshop Express


Like the above editing apps, Pixelmator has its own specialty to edit the pictures. Pixelmator has thousands of layouts to collage your photos. It is exclusively designed for iOS devices. You can enhance image colors with pre-designed color adjustment filters and tweak the images further with Levels and Curves tools. Pixelmator allows you to edit the pictures up to  100 megapixels

Best Photo Editing App 2019

With Pixelmator, you can merge several photos into one, remove image backgrounds, combine words, shapes, and images, etc. This app also has the painting and graphic design features with more than 100 artist-designed brushes, a custom-designed Pixel brush, and 32 blending modes.

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is the best and free photo editing app. You can design ultimate artistic images with  Enlight Photofox. In 2017 this app has won the Apple Design Award. Enlight Photofox has many interesting features like layers, dramatic effects, blend photos together, etc. You can also add the graphics to your picture.

5 Best Apps For Photo Editing

With the Enlight Photofox, advanced features like custom presets, tone curves, customizable filters you create a professional image.  You can edit a unique photo and can share your creativity with your friends and on social media directly.


This is all about the best apps for photo editing.  find the one that suits your needs and turn your phone into a small photo lab. Stay tuned to techfries for more informative articles. Share your quires in the comment box below, we will be happy to help you.

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