Asian Pacific sanghoki Tour final table dramatic win


As year is drawing to a close so did the Asian Pacific sanghoki Tour. The final game of the final table on the Poker Stars sponsored tournament was played at the Star City Casino, in Sydney Australia. What a competitive field of players seeking the title and the 1 million dollar first place award. Among the 561 players registered for the APPT were at least 4 well-known WSOP Champions, Chris Moneymaker, Scotty Nguyen, Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem. Even with such powerhouses in the world of poker, it was an underdog player who has only been competing in poker tournaments for 2.5 years who took home the first place.

The final nine were:

1 Grant Levy from Australia – $1,000,000

2 Jeremiah Vinsant from USA – $621,540

3 Lei Hei from Australia – $322,280

4 Sol Bergren from Canada – $230,200

5 Jai Kemp from Australia – $158,838

6 Barry Kohlhoff from USA – $115,100

7 John Matwey from USA – $92,080

8 Vijayan Nagarajan from Malaysia – $69,060

9 Larry Wright from USA – $46,040

The final table was dominated by poker professionals from the United States of America, however they may have arrived, none took first place, but none we home without a great pay out. There were 3 Australian poker professionals to make the final cut, and the phys’ed teacher from Kingswod, was the hometown favorite. He knocked out fellow Australian Jai Kemp in 5th place, who took home a generous 158,838 dollars after only investing 11 dollars in an online tournament, which awarded him the APPT Sydney Package.

The heads up play between 28-year-old Grant Levy and the Tennesse Native of the United States Jeremiah Visant continued for an incredible and dramatic 60 competitive hands. The final hand had the drama of an impressive finale. Levy raised preflop holding Q6 spades. Vinsant called holding a Q 10. The flop came down like a ton of bricks for Vinsant as it gave Levy 2 pair. The turn didn’t give Levey difficulty either, as he came up with a full house. Vinsant only had one card to hope for, and on the river the Ace of Hearts sealed his fate in second place. The culminating and dramatic win will put this new live poker tournament player in the history books as the first Australian to win such a huge pot at home, ever. Not to mention the title of champion of the Asian Pacific Poker Tour 2007.

Pedophile Spammer Gets OWNED!

I found possibly one of the funniest forum threads of the year on a car forum today.  It all started when some poker affiliate (NICHOLAS ADAM SITKO or Nick for short) started spamming his website accross several forums.  Unfortunately for Nick, people decided that they did not like getting spammed, and decided to see if they could fight back.  A WHOIS search was performed on his website revealing the following information:


nick sitko

100 Kensington Blvd. apt. 1102

Bluffton, SC 29910


They had found his address, and his real name.  On further search some more information came about.  It turns out that Nick is a pedophile and convicted sex offender.

People started posting more pictures of him, and the thread started spreading like wildfire on forums accross the Internet.  It is still in the early stages, but hopefully this will teach Little Nicky why spamming is BAD!

People really need to learn that in the past you may have been able to hide behind your computer on the Internet, but nowadays people are much smarter so if you screw around and do unethical things, someone WILL find you!

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