London, April 5, 2001 – Jackpot Madness, the Microgaming Jackpot Network portal (www.jackpotmadness.com), has exceeded a record-smashing $26,000,000 in total jackpot payouts. This unsurpassed landmark achievement decisively places Jackpot Madness as the world’s number one online progressive jackpot destination. Getting to first place in such a competitive market is an impressive triumph, as an independent report reveals that there are currently approximately 1,400 gambling sites on the Internet.

The portal boasts 5 progressive jackpot games, the oldest and most popular being Cash Splash, which was introduced in October 1998. The game’s popularity has boomed in the last two years and Cash Splash is now available at more than 60 online casinos. Two additional progressive slot games, WowPot and LotsaLoot, were added to the portal last April and immediately became big hits, accumulating big jackpots and paying out a total of over $2.5 Million to date. These were followed in August by two more games, Supajax, a unique video poker progressive and Fruit Fiesta, a popular 25c progressive slot. With thousands of people playing simultaneously across the entire Jackpot Madness Gaming Network, generous jackpots are won at least once daily.

The landmark win that pushed Jackpot Madness over the $26 million mark was an extraordinary $98,363.59 jackpot won on Cash Splash by William H. at The Grand Hotel Casino(www.grandhotelcasino.com) on April 2.

“Every expectation we have had for the portal has Inscrivez-Vous been exceeded.” said Marilyn Glazier, Director of Public Relations for Jackpot Madness.com “As more and more casinos are joining the Jackpot Madness family and therefore multiplying the size of the jackpots, we are giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars a week. We are especially pleased with the success of the Clicks to Riches Winners Circle Program, in which big winners’ personal testimonials are published on the site. It makes it that much more interesting for our valued players to be able to read real interviews with people who have actually succeeded in winning huge jackpots. We are continually developing new and innovative games and systems, as well as striving to constantly improve the online gaming experience and remain at the cutting edge of the industry.”

About Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, run by Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, is the world’s largest online progressive network. All the jackpots won on the casinos providing these games are offered through full, direct cash payouts – the only games on the Internet offering this benefit. The goal of the portal is to provide jackpot enthusiasts with a single destination offering a wide choice of progressives, featuring frequent payouts and record-breaking jackpots. The jackpot totals are “live” and Jackpot Madness provides constantly updated information together with links to over 70 casinos. Total payouts are over $80,000,000 and counting.




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